We founded our Snigdham brand to dictate sustainable consumer trends of the future. We are committed to provide consumers with the highest quality products at the lowest possible impact.

We went ahead with our research in this field, to bring you the best quality oil, with its good health value intact. Our approach was a combination of what was genuinely good for you and the demand of the market, in terms of acceptance.

It was our goal to offer you a choice of quality cooking oils . Keeping in mind that Indian cooking uses a lot of oil, especially while making deep fried delicacies and cuisines, the objective was to offer a healthy range of oils. With Snigdham, we found the answer to our dilemma. To our delight, it also turned out to be an oil that will help you regulate your cholesterol levels.

India has deep roots when it comes to traditional cooking. The generation next however, is diet and health conscious. These were two existing contrasted schools of thought and Snigdham had the responsibility of appeasing both. Fortunately, Snighdham is able to please both the camps. It was, to a large extent, made possible due to the research and effort, put into the product beforehand, towards balancing taste and health, without compromising on quality.

Within our Snigdham oil range. Each oil is extracted by Cold press technique that retains flavor, aroma, and nutritional values of the seeds/nuts making these oils great for your health. Each oil in the Singdham oil range has its own unique personality and health benefits. What remains constant is our quality, which is why, your food will never be compromised on, in taste.

The decision not to have a physical store is in parallel with our ideology of social responsibility and environmental concern. Our online service allows you to buy at home without emitting greenhouse gases caused by transportation. Our business has become synonymous with quality and we guarantee customer satisfaction.